This page is completely dedicated to acknowledging various elements taken from different sources with regards to the website, content, plugins, and other such related topics will be updated on a regular basis, We insist viewers bring it to our notice that if by any chance we forgot to acknowledge any such related topics that are being used from the other sources. As a strict implementer of Transparency, Plagiarism and publication ethics, we would like to maintain this page in order to give credit to the source developer.

Updates as on 11-03-2019

  1. We acknowledge that the source of content available in Journals and Ebooks pages is from Wikipedia. Over a period of time, the content will be replaced by the content contributed from our authors, editors and other people who would like to be part of Journals and Ebooks.
  2. We are using Hub-spot for majority of our the plugins
  3. We are usingĀ  PayPal for all payment and related activities.
  4. Our technical support person is JD Info-tech.

Only free source applications will be given acknowledgements in this page.

Our Updates takes place once in 3 Months