These general guidelines will be applicable for Journals, E-Books and any sort of publications which will be processed through this website. All authors must comply with below-laid guidelines before submitting the paper for a review which helps us to avoid unnecessary delays in processing the research work.

1. The author while submitting the article or e-book should separate the content and the contact details related to author into two different documents and have to upload only the article. The document containing the name, contact details, team members of the article, university details etc., have to be mailed directly to In order to maintain quality and transparency in the publication process, we strictly insist all the authors follow the laid norms.

2. Journals & EBooks strictly implements plagiarism policy to all its content and the content it would be publishing on behalf of any author. The research work should not distant itself from originality. Whatever the research work to be published should be of his own work rather than making it a replica of others work. Any such research paper found to be deviating the policy would be strictly rejecting the work and the author will be asked to re-submit the work. Only after thorough scrutiny, the publication will be taken forward. If an author is found violating the policies after three repeated intimations the author will no longer be accepted to publish further with Journals & EBooks and he/she will be losing the publication charges due to the damage caused to by violating the rules and regulations.

3. If the author is referring to any citations from other published papers or the author would like to use the content as a reference in any form from other author’s in his research work, he/she has to take necessary permissions from the concerned person and the same has to be submitted as a documented evidence to Journals & EBooks at the time of submission. This process will help to smoother the process without any delay in the next level screening process. If the citations are taken from internet source which is published by another author the source site details have to be mentioned. Which can be considered as a proper acknowledgment.

4. We encourage the authors to come up with new and innovative research papers which would help the mankind to improve their living standards.

5. If an author submits an article for which we don’t have an Editorial Board Member or a Peer Reviewer, we will immediately update the same to the author and upon receiving an email confirmation from the author the publisher will do the necessary screening to the said article and the same will be published. If the author doesn’t want to skip the process of two-layer screening, then the publisher will be clearly specifying the time required and then only the publication will be done. In such cases, the author cannot demand any monetary returns from the Publisher or publishing company.

6. If the author is willing to publish his/her article without any screening, we will take an email confirmation and then publish the same. It is the same process for those authors who don’t want to undergo with the screening process.

7. All the research papers submitted by authors after the required process clearance will be published as per the committed time frame individually. Since we would make all our publications available in open access we insist all our authors accept and give their email consent accepting to open access system.

8. Under the general guidelines, the author has to make a note that if the research paper which needs to be published involves more than one person then there should be a mutual acceptance in written from all the research participants, this might even include an organization, agency, board, etc. and the same should be submitted to the publisher sending an email to Also, the research paper should include all these details which clearly state their involvement at respective stages. This process helps us to maintain complete documentation and hazel free  publication process.

9. All the publication from Journals & EBooks will be Peer Reviewed journals, unless and until there is no EB Members/ Peer Reviewer or in some cases, the author specifically insist not to undergo the screening process. The authors are requested to ensure that the research is of his own and should not be a replica under any circumstances. Whom so ever is found guilty will have to face severe legal actions.

10. Author should confirm that the said manuscript has not been submitted to another publication service for simultaneous consideration other than Journals & EBooks. If Journals & EBooks does find any such duplicity upon confirmation necessary legal actions will be taken against the author.

11. Author has to double check before uploading the files that the manuscript has not been published previously either partially or in fully, unless the present work concerns an extension of any previous works.

12. The author should give appropriate acknowledgement to others research work which includes quotations, marks, phrases, images, text, or any material which might be copyrighted and whose permissions are secured.

13. Authors should comply all the necessary documents that are required to resolve any issues related to authorship, research paper, etc.

14. At any given point of time if Journals & EBooks finds anything suspicious about the research paper or any misconduct of the author, an investigation will be held by Journals & EBooks and if identifies anything problematic the author will be given a chance to address the raised issue, even after the author addresses the issue and found guilty the publisher will take necessary and appropriate measures to protect the interest and credibility of Journals & EBooks.

15. In the above mentioned case, the article though accepted will be returned to author and whatever charges paid for publication will not be refunded.

16. If the article is already published, then first a notification will be published against the article stating the withdrawal or the article and will be removed based on the severity of the offence and there will be no refund of the charges collected from the author to publish the article.

17. The author is suggested to send all the files related to their research work in word document only with tables & images at appropriate place as per their research requirements in two Columns per page. If any specific documents are attached, it is the responsibility of the author to mention in which section of the paper it should get displayed.

18. In such cases, the author is suggested to list all the file names, and other related material in a tablet format which will help both author and publisher to double check before the final outcome is published.

19. If the research paper consists of tables, figures or any mathematical calculations as examples we suggest the author to number them so that it would be helpful to follow the sequence. All the citations mentioned by the author which were already published by others should also be numbered with proper acknowledgements.

20. In order to reduce the delay in the publication process and showcase the live status of the publication process Journals & EBooks implements an automated processing system. Authors are suggested to first understand the web application and then start submitting the documents.

Note: If any user is facing trouble in understanding the process or need any kind of technical support please write us to