Below mentioned are a few guidelines for Editorial Board members. These guidelines keep updated or changing as and when required to maintain a clear and transparent process flow at every stage in order to bring value addition to the research works.

  • The Editorial Board members should continuously monitor the quality and genuineness of the research work submitted by the author.
  • All the Editorial Board Members need to understand that this is not a regular salary based job and no monitory involvements in order to protect the quality and transparency of the publication process. Instead, the efforts of Editorial Board Members will be rewarded in an appropriate way.
  • The board members will be helping the publisher in designing and development of any standard formats, layouts for various research works.
  • The board members will also be participating actively in suggesting new and innovative articles for research.
  • As a member of an editorial board, the editor will be making necessary corrections regarding grammar, any missing facts, improving the quality of research work submitted by the author.
  • The editor is responsible to check, validate and assure the publisher that the accuracy in the research work submitted by authors is maintained at every stage in the process.
  • In the continuous process of improving the publishing Journals or E-Books, the editor has to gather the views, opinions, ideas from other board members, peer reviewers.
  • The editors ensure that there is a number of peer-reviewed research works.
  • The editors need to make an awareness in authors to come up with more number of researches in technological advancements that are helpful for the society to advance into next generation safe and secured life.
  • The Editorial Board members are expected to exhibit their utmost dedication in improving the quality both in research work as well as in publication process. If any conflicts arise editor should be in a position to resolve them.
  • Editors are given a free hand in giving necessary recommendations to the publisher in improving the quality and transparency in handling the publication process.
  • At the time of publication process of a research work if the editor feels satisfied with the work sent by author, the editor will have to give a final detailed review on the research work either through a written communication through mail or a video recording, this will help the publisher to understand the quality of the research work.
  • Once the editor confirms the approval of the research work the author will be intimated about the approval and then the same will be published within the stipulated time specified to the author.
  • The editors are given an absolutely free hand in recruiting their reviewers at any given point of time.
  • Editors in order to increase the number of research works they can appoint or encourage authors whenever they feel it is necessary.
  • All the updates that take place in a month will be sent as a monthly Diary to all Editorial Board members.
  • Considering the effort Editorial Board Members take in the growth of publications as a token of respect and recognition we will get all their published research works printed into a book and send it to them free of cost once in a year.
  • In order to make the process very transparent and systematic Journals & EBooks introduces process automation which reduces the delay in screening the article and also instantly updates the status to author, publisher and others who are involved in publishing an article.

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