The main purpose of implementing peer review system is to provide accurate feedback to the authors which in return will help them to make necessary corrections to the research work. This process will help the publisher to improve the quality in the article. Below are the guidelines for a peer reviewer which he/she has to strictly adhere.

  • The primary role of the peer reviewer is always striving for the betterment of the publication process with continuous monitoring of the review system.
  • All the Peer Reviewer need to understand that this is not a regular salary based job and no monitory involvements in order to protect the quality and transparency of the publication process. Instead, the efforts of Peer Reviewer Members will be rewarded in an appropriate way.
  • The reviewer ensures that the quality is maintained in research work sent by the author.
  • The reviewer needs to clearly state whether he can finish the review process as per the stipulated time or not. If the reviewer needs any specific time frame he/she has to communicate the same to the publisher.
  • The reviewer should always give their necessary recommendations to the author for improving their research work as well as to the publisher in terms of increasing the standards of publications.
  • The reviewer will be receiving an invitation from the publisher directly or from the Editorial Board members, upon receiving the invitation the reviewer will join the team of reviewers and start receiving Journals or EBooks. Once the reviewer reviews the research work the final opinion on the research work will be sent to the publisher.
  • No review of the reviewer will be shared with the author. It will be maintained as a confidential document. Only the essence of their suggestion to make necessary changes will be shared to make the author understand where and what he/she needs to do the modifications as suggested by EB member and Reviewer.
  • The reviewer is suggested to express his expertise areas in order to receive relevant articles.
  • No reviewer will receive unrelated articles for review.
  • The reviewer will not be shared any details about the author or his team. We strictly follow the ethics and policies of international publication standards in order to maintain the transparency.
  • The reviewer should always alert publisher about the conflicts that might arise immediately or in future on the title or the topic author has chosen as his research work.
  • The guidelines laid for peer reviewer will keep updating or changing as and when required. An email on any additions or deletions will be sent to the reviewer however, it is always advisable to visit guidelines section regularly for the latest updates.
  • At the time of review, the reviewer should consider the length of an article, genuineness or the originality of the research work, presentation style, proper acknowledgments to actual source provider, and other standard guidelines laid for an author.
  • If the reviewer is suspicious about an article, he/she has to immediately bring it to the notice of publisher.
  • The reviewer has to give his views clearly on the research work whether it can be accepted or needs to be sent back to the author for revision or it needs to be rejected.
  • The Editorial Board Members’ or the Publisher’s decision will be final with regards to the publication of any research work.
  • The reviewer can make appropriate suggestions to the publisher but cannot make statements insisting for a conditional acceptance of a journal stating only if the author complies the said conditions.
  • The entire review by the reviewer should contain points covering the main observations on the article 1. Whether it has met the standards laid by the publisher, 2. Quality of the article, 3. Whether the actual facts are covered or not, 4. Proper acknowledgments are given for others work when claiming to be author’s work, 5. Suggestion if required for a revision, 6. Reviewer impressions on the article to both editorial board members and publisher separately.

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