Terms & Conditions
  1. The registration fee is different from the subscription fee. Users are requested to kindly make a note of same.
  2. Once the payment is completed there is no refund.
  3. Users can only upgrade to any plan by paying the difference amount. For further details please contact
  4. Authors who choose Plans from Basic to Ultimate will be charged only after their free publication balance becomes zero.
  5. For any payment related issues please contact
  6. Subscription will not be renewed automatically. After successful completion of the term author will have to choose the plans available at that time.
  7. Journal & EBooks does not restrict or limit the author with regards to the number of pages for Articles. But for those who select Pay as You Go in EBooks section the number of chapters will be restricted with 10 chapters.
  8. Any new feature introduced will be automatically included to the existing users based on their subscription parameters.
  9. Once the subscription period is completed and if any author is left with unclaimed free publications balance will be forfeited automatically and cannot be retrieved.
  10. Users are required to check their accounts on a regular basis in order to avail the latest offers from Journals & EBooks.
  11. Journals & EBooks reserves the right to withdraw any offer without prior intimation.